This advanced electronic thermostat features a clearly readable display, it includes a timer, can be pre-programmed using a three-part menu structure and has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of an electrical heating system.

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Instructions are provided within the thermo-stat/timer itself, so no further instruction manual is required. The thermostat has instructional software built in, using a menu structure resembling that used with PCs and mobile phones which will guide you around the program. The start-up menu which appears when the thermostat is initially connected allows a number of standard settings to be input by the installer and stored in the memory. Once this special one-off menu has been worked through the installer can input the date and time of installation, which means that he does not need to come back: the thermostat will start up automatically once the preset drying time for the floor has elapsed. The user can modify or correct the program using the Menu button, and temporary changes can be input via the Mode button. The more critical menu functions bring up warnings that the manufacturer should be contacted via our helpdesk. A variety of such features makes this product thoroughly user and installer-friendly.

Multifunctional: The Intelligent-Control has been specially developed for electrical floor heating but has multifunctional capabilities and is suitable for all other systems whether in or on the floor, wall or ceiling.


Intelligent function

The intelligent function reckons with various user related properties such as type of floor, construction and The intelligent function will shorten the needed warm up period and adjust the different setting automatically. This prevents loss of extra energy and ensures a maximum of comfort against a minimum energy consumption.

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